Get More Customers Using Social Media

Traditional methods of marketing to customers like TV and print advertising or direct mailing is becoming less and less effective, the solution business is turning to is Social Media,  which helps their business connect in positive ways directly with their current or future customers.

Social Media is now one of the most cost effective ways to reach potential customers or clients, costing cents per lead/impression vs 10’s of dollars (or more depending on industry) per lead via traditional advertising.

Some of the key benefits to using Social Media for your small or medium business:

  • Increase the visibility of your business.
  • Nurture and develop relationships with customers and influencers.
  • Have more online real estate, which helps you rank higher in the Search Engines Results Page.
  • Help people find your business more easily. Your business page can lists all your public Business details, including address, contact phone, trading hours and more.
  • Publish and distribute original content that demonstrates your expertise, eg pictures of your work.
  • Share links/images that adds value to the lives of your customers – think inspirational quotes for your Yoga business page. (This is a great way to get “Social Shares” and increase your business visibility to people who may be interested in your service or products.)
  • Communicate directly with your community of customers, advocates and supporters.
  • Offer special discounts directly to existing customers – which they may want to share to their other friends online.
  • All tying into the main goal – which is to generate new leads and increase sales for your business.


What are the Key Social Media Sites?

Facebook – Worlds largest Social Network

Google Plus Business – Key Business Directory/Network (Critical for Search Engine Rank)

YouTube – Video Sharing

Instagram – Image Sharing

LinkedIn – Professionals Network

Twitter – Short Text Messages – Conversations

Pinterest – “Pin” Images and videos

So which ones should I use?

This is a tricky question and depends largely on your business or industry. Fundamentally, in 2015 every Business should have a Facebook Business Page and a Google+ Business Page, even if you are not intending to update/post regularly or at all.

The Facebook Business Page allows Facebook users to “Like” or “Check-in” to your business, which means it alerts every one of their connected friends that they have visited, or been a customer of your business and liked the experience. This can bring new leads of like minded people very quickly.

A Google+ Business Page is critical for appearing up higher in the Search Engine Results Page, as it means Google will recognise your business as a “real” business.

Then depending on your business you will want to look at the others. As an example, Instagram is a popular (4 million active Australian users per month) Photo Sharing network that integrates with (and can be “shared” to) Facebook which is very popular for small business such as Hairdressing Salons showcasing a customer’s new hair style, or Restaurants and Cafes showcasing a new dish.

If your business is more corporate or looking at Training Delivery, B2B Sales or other professional fields such as Lawyers, Accountants etc, you would be well served by having a presence on LinkedIn, which is a Professional Network. Similar to Facebook, previous clients can “Like” or “Endorse” your business or service publicly, which is then shared with their entire business network.

 We Can Help

At Website Knight, we can advise you which Social Media Channels are well suited to your business and help you get started by creating and customising your Business Page on the relevant Social Media Networks that suit your business. Your new Business Page will be Branded and Customised in line with your existing branding/colours, giving your Business a consistent look and feel across your Website and Social Media Business Pages.

Pricing is $150 per branded Business Page.

Social Media Kickstart Package:  $249 for Facebook and Google+ Business page.

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